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EF102 Folder

Elite Force

EF102 Folder

Item number: 10205000000 Manufacturer number: 5.0902

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Designed and manufactured by Elite Force, this folding and lightweight knife is a perfect companion that performs exceptionally in outdoor activities, camping, survival, and hiking. It is also an excellent choice for everyday tasks, and moderate work in the field. Furthermore, the EF102 knife is a valuable tool to have in emergencies like a car crash.

The folder weighs 40g, has a blade length of 44 mm, and a total of 115 mm. The knife incorporates a tanto blade and a hollow grind. The product guarantees exceptional tip strength with excellent penetrating properties. With its urban camouflage and tanto-style blade, this knife quickly finds its way into the urban jungle. The additional belt cutter is helpful during emergencies.

EF102 has a handle with an anti-slip surface that improves grip and protects the hand from slipping on the blade while working. The knife comprises an ambidextrous thumb knob for a quick and easy opening. The solution mentioned above is convenient for both right- and left-handed users. It incorporates a robust Liner-Lock system that ensures safety during use and prevents the mechanism from accidentally disengaging and folding during use.

The blade is machined from 440A Stainless Steel with a black protective coating. The utilized steel is easier to hone and sharpen and more forgiving when mistreated or used in harsh conditions. Corrosion resistance, adequate durability, optimal sharpness, and ease of service are essential points that make this knife highly useful for users.

The profiled and ergonomic handle is made of matte aluminum and G10 laminate scales - a durable glass-epoxy composite (with a non-slip texture) that boasts a lightweight construction, superior mechanical durability, and excellent resistance to water, temperature fluctuations, as well as a wide range of acids and solvents. It enhances control and provides a secure knife grip in almost all conditions. The handle is equipped with a glass breaker, a blade for cutting car belts, and a lanyard hole for a safety rope. Additionally, the item incorporates a metal clip that supports the everyday carrying of the knife.

Every user will appreciate this item's style, practicality, functionality, and safe carry. Knife combines aesthetic appearance with high durability. Elite Force knives are proven and will come in handy in a variety of situations.

All item components have been designed and crafted using materials that meet a precise purpose.

Features & Details

Blade length:
90 mm
Handle length:
120 mm

Dimensions and weight

12 cm
Length packed:
13 cm
3.5 cm
Width packed:
5 cm
1.5 cm
Height packed:
2.5 cm
0.173 kg
Weight packed:
0.191 kg


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