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6 Inch Light Stick


6 Inch Light Stick

Item number: 10311202000
Color: Orange

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The 6" lightstick is a portable and cost-efficient source of light. Each lightstick is a pliable plastic tube filled with two non-toxic chemical solutions, one held separate in a floating ampule to prevent activation until required. To activate, simply bend the tube and shake. This breaks the ampule and mixes the chemicals. A bright light is released via chemi-luminescense, a chemical reaction converting energy to light without heat, flame, or sparks. No batteries or bulbs are required. These lightsticks are suitable for a wide range of applications in combat, training and outdoor activity.

Dimensions and weight

15.2 cm
Length packed:
21.3 cm
1.5 cm
Width packed:
3 cm
1 cm
Height packed:
2 cm
0.0225 kg
Weight packed:
0.024 kg


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